Study Area: Transportation and Mobility

The EWA Extension has the potential to beneficially impact transportation and mobility on Grand Cayman, especially when it comes to connecting the east with the west.

The study of transportation uses current traffic data and future population and planning projections to understand how the alternative alignments could alleviate traffic stress, improve quality of life, and enhance safety across all modes of travel. Understanding the new travel patterns that could result from the EWA Extension also informs the study of the project’s environmental impacts while providing valuable data to several other study areas, including Socio-Economic and Noise and Vibration.

Key aspects:

  • Transportation and Mobility study how humans move around the island, focusing on accessibility to common places like work and school, and evaluating changes in travel times, safety, and resiliency.
  • Providing opportunities for movement via walking, bicycling, and other non-vehicular ways of traveling is also studied.

Here’s what we are doing