Study Area: Noise and Vibration

Noise and vibration have the potential to impact the environment.
The EIA will study these effects to help make sure the EWA is designed and built in a way that delivers benefits to Caymanians while minimizing disruptions to daily life and keeping our natural spaces healthy.

Noise and vibration associated with construction and with traffic can change the environment. It has the potential to affect residential properties, protected species, or other noise-sensitive areas. The EIA will consider the effects from construction noise and vibration, and the effects from traffic (operational) noise. The level of anticipated operational noise change is assessed per alternative and per the No-Build scenario by considering current and projected traffic volumes, speed, and vehicle composition.

Key aspects:

  • A model of noise sensitive receptors and the corresponding roadways was created and verified based on a combination of geospatial data and field assessment
  • Opening year (2026) and future year (2074) noise levels will be evaluated for all noise sensitive receptors and mitigation measures will be evaluated

Here’s what we are doing

Noise and Vibration in action.